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Historical or modern center
Historical or modern center Latvia, Ventspils novads


This is an ancient populated area.  There were 50 homesteads here during the 1930s, with only ten remaining in 1990.  The Livonian scholar and entomologist Kārlis Princis (1893-1978) was born in Oviši.  In 1944, he emigrated to Sweden.  The Oviši lighthouse (1814) is 38 metres high and is the oldest functioning lighthouse in Latvia.  There are lovely views from the top of the lighthouse.  The building in which employees of the lighthouse used to live was erected in 1905 and has been preserved.  A narrow-gauge train station was in the building at one time.  The Oviši Lighthouse Museum is nearby, as is the metal Tree of Austra.  Opposite Cape Oviši is a great place for bird watching. 

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