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Lithuanian and Latvian nature parks tour

12 days

The tour combines the most beautiful southern parts of the Forest Trail in Lithuania and Latvia. The route starts in Druskininkai, Lithuania, and for the next day you will walk through forests of the Dzūkija National Park. After getting to Vilnius and Kurtuvėnai Regional Park, two sections of the Forest Trail will take you from Dengtiltis to Šaukėnai. Since it is among the most forested areas of Central Lithuania, the Kurtuvėnai Regional Park with its glaciated valleys is a wonderland of forests, waters and wetlands. The Forest Trail will run along small forest paths, tourist trails, beautiful tree alleys and wetlands. Next you will take public transportation to reach the Žemaitija National Park, where you will taketwo sections of the Forest Trail from the pilgrimage town of Žemaičių Kalvarija along the lakes of Plateliai, Ilgis and Beržoras to the town of Plateliai. It is one of the most beautiful towns of Samogitia taking pride in its manor park and the viewing platform on Lake Plateliai. Žemaitija National Park takes pride in its old pine and fir forests, as well as mixed forests.
Next, you will drive through Klaipėda and Liepāja to reach Kuldīga in Latvia. The trip starts in Kuldīga – a jewel among the old towns in Kurzeme. The town centre is home to historic buildings dating back to the 17th – 19th century, Venta waterfall, the old bridge over the river Venta, gourmet restaurants and a local farmer’s store in the centre of the town. 

From there on the Forest Trail takes you along the riverside promenade in Kuldīga, continues through the nature park “Abavas senleja” from Renda to the wine and cider town Sabile and Kandava. The section along the Abava River Valley Nature Park is the most diverse river valley in Kurzeme in terms of landscapes and terrain. The final section of the tour takes you to the Ķemeri National Park, which is an important place for the protection of wetlands. As to the town – Ķemeri – it is the former balneological and sulphur springs resort.

The tour ends on the seaside – the village of Bigauņciems, from where you can easily get to Rīga. Optionally, one can take a detour along the Lake Sloka trail with its bird-watching tower or pay a visit to the “Forest House” – the visitor’s centre of the Ķemeri National Park.