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Castle, manor house
Castle, manor house Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldīgas novads


The Mara Estate is in the Turlava Parish of the Kuldīga Administrative district, and it was first mentioned in documents in the 16th century.  The estate was restored in 2006, and alongside it is a park with alleys and large trees.  Comfortable and beautiful rooms are available to guests for overnight accommodations.  Breakfast can be requested.  There is also a separate flat for five people with a separate entrance, guestroom, two bedrooms and kitchens.  The owners offer tours of German castles and estates in Kurzeme, the town of Kuldīga as the jewel of Kurzeme, as well as painting classes. 

Heritage gardens Guests13 Bedrooms5 Distance from countries capital city182 Season1-12 Accommodation available