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The “Dziles” bakery

Located 300 km to the south of the Malnava Estate mansion. The lady of the house prepare hearty Lettigalian dishes and other country goodies. In the bakery the owner bakes different types of bread, for example, rye-bread, sweet-and sour bread, as well as makes cakes on pre-order. She also offers to groups and families to bake bread, pies, cakes or pizzas together. The tasting and Latgalian dishes in nowadays’style. A walk around the park of Malnava manor and stories about the white gate. Local bread is famous in Kārsava. The bakery offers brunch on weekends, as well as markets of local crafts and other products.
Latvian cuisine: Lettigalian bacon, pearl barley porridge with side dishes, potatoes stuffed with bacon and onions, sautéed vegetables with meat, berry bread, tea with honey.
Special foods: Local Dzīļi bread with bran, raisins, cranberry jam and linen seed.

For children and teenagers   Agri Heritage   Distance from countries capital city270   Season1-12   Accepts individual travellers Accepts tourist groups Pre-order required
  Pre-order required!