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Peterupe Rectory ("Ligotnes")

The first mention of Pēterupe Rectory goes back to the late 17th century. The Manor Park and the buildings have partially survived to the present day, including a linden alley at the end of Smilšu Street, planted by the pastor Jānis Neilands in 1879 and the grand oak planted by Johann Wilhelm Knierim in 1869. After the fire of 1908, the Rectory was restored and partially rebuilt. In Soviet times, the property was removed from the parish and the house was named “Līgotnes”. During German times the Rectory was occupied by legionnaires. After the war, the building of the Rectory was turned into a hospital, then into a secondary school and later it was transformed into a block of flats for teachers. Now the building again belongs to the parish and it is inhabited by a priest of the parish and his family. 

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