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Lithuania’s regional parks and the river Nemunas

8 days

The route brings you to Kaunas, multiple Lithuanian regional parks and allows to enjoy the landscapes of the river Nemunas. Kaunas is Lithuania’s second largest city. It is notable for its modernist architecture. The city is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers: Nemunas and Neris. Moving further from Lampėdžiai to Vilkija, the Forest Trail runs for two days along trails and small countryside gravel roads next to the right bank of the river Nemunas. This section is shaped by beautiful landscapes with views of the river, the waterfront meadows and small villages. Do not miss the ferry in Vilkija crossing over the river Nemunas, one of the few still in operation in the Baltic States. For the next two days from Vilkija, the Forest Trail runs through its most spectacular sections in the Dubysa Regional Park from Kirkšnovė to Šiluva with mounds on riverbanks and historical churches now and there. This regional park covers the impressive Dubysa river valley, which reaches a depth of 40 m and a width of up to 500 m. Be prepared for a rolling terrain. Next, the route will take you to the town of Šiluva – the Catholic pilgrimage site – and to the Kurtuvėnai Regional Park. It is among the most forested areas of Central Lithuania; thus, the regional park with its glaciated valleys is a wonderland of forests, waters and wetlands. The Forest Trail leads along small forest paths, tourist trails, beautiful tree alleys and wetlands. The walk ends in Šaukėnai village, from where the city of Šiauliai is easily reached.