Country Holidays
No 84
Self-catering cottage
Self-catering cottage Latvia, Kurzeme, Rojas novads


from 70 EUR / night
Cat 2

A log cottage in Valgalciems, 400 m from the sea and 13 km from Roja.  Guests have access to four rooms with four double beds, a hall, a kitchen, a shower with massage, and a country sauna.  There are two ponds on the land, and the forest around the cottage is full of berries and mushrooms.

Silence and Peace   By the sea   Sauna Experience   Guests8 (2)   Bedrooms4   Distance from countries capital city125   Season1-12   Accommodation available
Tel: +371 29235485 (LAT, RUS); 26330770 (ENG)
"Lēveri", Valgalciems, Rojas novads