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No 832
Self-catering cottage
Self-catering cottage Latvia, Latgale, Aglonas novads


The holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’ can be found in a very special place-on the edge of the borders of Belorussia and the Russian Federation. It is about as far east as you can go still being in the European Union. ‘’Laimavoti’’ sits about 250km form the nation’s capital, Riga, in one of the most beautiful regions of Latvia-Latgale, also known as the land of blue lakes. Holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’ offers you lake house, SPA house, hay cock, the floating sauna, hot tub, massages, the sauna ritual, etc.

Rural SPA   Beautiful sights   Sauna Experience   Guests8   Bedrooms4   Distance from countries capital city250   Season1-12   Accommodation available