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Kuldiga and Abava River valley

4 days

The trip starts in Kuldīga – a jewel among the old towns in Kurzeme. The town centre is home to historic buildings dating back to the 17th – 19th century. Cobbled streets of Kuldīga, old buildings, the river Alekšupīte, running through the town, St. Catherine’s Church and organ music concerts in it, gourmet restaurants and a country delicatessen shop in the town centre is a great travel experience to enjoy in a leisurely ambience of a small town. The red-brick bridge over the river Venta is a landmark of the town. The widest waterfall of Europe, Ventas rumba (width ~100 m) lies on the Venta. Venta river promenade is a popular place for walking along the riverbank.

A private transfer will take you from Kuldīga to the village of Snēpele, where you will start your hike. The trail will take you to the Pelči Manor, the manor park and the deer park next to the guest house “Mazsālijas”. Next, the Forest Trail will lead you through the Abava River Valley Nature Park up to the town of Sabile. The latter is home to a winery and cider house “Sabiles Sidra nams”, which offers tastings and sells the local wine and cider. The section along the Abava River Valley Nature Park is the most diverse in terms of landscape and terrain of a river valley in Kurzeme. The river valley with its numerous habitats and vast biodiversity reaches a depth of 30–40 m and is more than 300 m wide. One will find springs, waterfalls, rock outcrops, and boulders here. After the Forest Trail has meandered through meadows, oak forests and hillocks it finally reaches the town of Kandava.