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Castle, manor house
Castle, manor house Latvia, Kurzeme, Tukuma novads


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After nearly five years of massive restoration, the Kukšu Estate opened its doors once again in 2006.  Come and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of an estate.  Time will stop, and you will feel the breath of the past centuries.  Ornate carpeting, sparkling chandeliers, antique furnishings, paintings, wall paintings and ornate window decor will bring you into the unique world of the Kukšu Estate.  Each room tells a story about the owners of the building and the tastes of the past centuries.  You will feel the atmosphere of the estate in our comfortable guestrooms.  We will make sure that you enjoy every comfort.  Welcome to the Kukšu Estate!

Seminars   For parties   Guests15   Bedrooms12   Distance from countries capital city84   Season1-12   Optional meals Internet access
Tel: +371 25980910, 29205188
"Kukšu muiža"
Kukšas, Jaunsātu pag., Tukuma nov.
LV-3128, Latvia