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Craftsmen Country kitchen
Craftsmen Latvia, Vidzeme, Naukšēnu novads


The watermill processes wool with equipment that is 100 years old and is used to produce handmade blankets and pillows that are stuffed with sheep wool, as well as souvenirs that can be commissioned and purchased.  The watermill offers tours and fresh-baked bread.  A wool pulling and wrapping machine that dates back to the 19th century and was manufactured at the Šūberts Rudītis & Co company in the 19th century is still used, as are a unique weaving apparatus from Germany and a grain mill.


Latvian cuisine: Marinated herring with vegetables, porridge, mashed potatoes a la Vidzeme (with fried onions), pancakes with jam made of Latvian berries and honey, homemade bread.


Special foods: Water pretzels and local soup with six types of fish.


For parties   For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city157   Season1-12   Must register in advance Accommodation available Accepts individual travellers Optional meals Pre-order required Accepts tourist groups
  Must register in advance!
  Pre-order required!