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Adventures in the Gauja National Park for kids and adults



Līgatne Nature Trails
An impresive park covering 200 hectares with enclosures for local wildlife including wild boar, bears, wolves, lynx and birds of prey. There is 4,5 km of walking trails as well as a 5 km long bicycle/car route. It is located in the Gauja River's ancient valley deep in the forest with beautiful views from a 22m high viewing tower. Sections of the trails are suitable for disabled visitors.

Option 1: Walking the Nature Trails (~5 km)
Well maintained forest trails, boardwalks and steps with viewing points. Transfer to Lāču Miga

Option 2: Cycling Līgatne Railway Station-Nature Trails-Lāču Miga (~17 km)
Scenic tarmac road with rolling hills weaving through forest and the ancient Gauja River valley. After watching wild animals cycle to Lāču Miga guesthouse for lunch.
Excursion to Līgatne Underground Bunkers. Hidden 9m under a rehabilitation centre is a former Soviet top secret location, extending for 2000 square metres. It is the only bunker of its kind to have survived intact and was designed to serve as a command post in the event of nuclear war. Sip a Russian tea in the Soviet canteen.
Lantern tour in Cesis. A guide dressed in medieval style will show you the secrets of the Old Town and Livonian Order Castle, revealing local legends and stories on the way as you follow with lantern in hand.

Distance cycling 17 km, walking 5 km