No 10031
Territory Latvia, Zemgale

Dviete Wetlands

The Dviete Wetlands Nature Park contains a unique natural territory – the ancient Dviete River valley with the Lake Skuķi and the Lake Dviete and the surrounding wetland meadows. During flooding season, these wetlands store up waters from the Daugava River. They absorb a lot of floodwater at first and then slowly return it, thus reducing the level of floods in the Daugava River valley. This process is the reason for the unique ecosystem which exists in this area. It is an important location for plants and birds both during migration and nesting season. The river valley is important for birds during migration and nesting. In 2006, wild cows were released into the meadows. There is also work to improve the tourist infrastructure in the area.

Nature park Distance from countries capital city200 Accommodation available
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