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Kolekcijas darzs "ROZITES"

The “Rozītes” rose garden is found in the Sēme Parish in Kurzeme, and it covers a bit less than 3 hectares.  There are more than 3,000 rose plants in the garden with 300 different varieties.  There are also perennials and rare trees in the garden.  Visitors will enjoy three lovely ponds which have fish in them, but they are meant more for beauty and relaxation.  You can watch the fish from the terrace, walk across a flower island, and go to our amphitheatre to listen to relaxing music.  On a hot summer day, visit the “water rock” to hear the bubbling sound of the surrounding water.  Daila and Bruno Trubiņš will be happy to give you a tour of the garden and tell you all about the plants and how to care for them.  You can purchase rose and perennial plants.  Each June we organise a Rose Festival with an extensive programme for adults and children alike.  Visitors are welcome to taste rose jam and drinks made of rose petals.   We can host seminars, concerts, weddings and photo sessions.  The garden is open from May until the end of September, and we particularly welcome visitors when the flowers are in full bloom.  Ring 2646-9604 to arrange for your visit in advance, please.

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T: 26469604
"Rozītes", Sēmes pag., Tukuma nov.