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Castle, manor house
Castle, manor house Latvia, Vidzeme, Limbažu novads

The Birini Castle

from 66 - 200 EUR / DBL
Cat 4

The Bīriņi estate complex and the park was built in the 18th-19th century. The castle itself was built in 1860, and exemplifies a successful mixture of styles - the architecture is dominated by the Neo-gothic and semicircle style, while the interior features Neo-renaissance. Today the castle is a prestigeous venue for banquets and seminars. Apart the function rooms, there is a hotel and a restaurant and taverna which invite travelers to have a rest from the city' s  hustle and enjoy the romantic surroundings of the castle.

Seminars   Horseback riding   Local lifestyle   For parties   Guests66 (28)   Bedrooms26   Distance from countries capital city55   Season1-12   Accommodation available Internet access Optional meals
Tel: +371 64024033
Bīriņi, Vidrižu pag., Limbažu nov.
LV-4013, Latvia