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Sauna ritual
Sauna ritual Latvia, Kurzeme, Skrundas novads


The Berghof Milk Estate with saunas. The weekend sauna at the estate offers a country sauna and the holiest type of traditional sauna – the black rock sauna. This is a ritual which takes several hours, with handmade switches, massages, scrubs, rinsing and herbal teas from Sieksāte. The mansion of the estate has a wet sauna, a steam sauna, a basin with a stream and a fireplace. The Rožu Saloon off ers delicious dining, and the Milk Spa allows you to relax in milk baths. See accommodation Nr. 917.

Sauna Experience   Distance from countries capital city156   Season1-12   Accommodation available
Tel: +371 26518660; +371 28356375
Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pag., Skrundas nov.
LV 3325, Latvia