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Along the banks of the River Jägala: Kaberneeme ‒ Jõelähtme

1 day

From Kaberneeme the route runs through a forest where you can see piles of stones carried here during the last ice-age. The trail soon climbs about 20 m up to the hiking trail, which runs on the old shore line of Lake Ancylus. The trail continues to the Linnamäe HES and a suspension bridge. Follow the trail over the ancient fortress hill of Linnamäe and continue on the right bank of the River Jägala, until reaching the Jägala waterfall. This is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia, more than 8 m high. The Suka bridge is about 500 metres up from the waterfall. After crossing the river, the trail passes through the Jägala waterfall park. Finally, the trail runs through the village of Koogi and arrives at Jõelähtme.