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Dune Latvia, Vidzeme, Saulkrastu novads

The White Dune in Saulkrasti

The White Dune is one of the landmarks of Saulkrasti, on the Vidzeme gulf coast. The dune offers a splendid view of the sea, the mouth of the Inčupe River and the vast beach. The White Dune formed as the wind drove beach sand over the clay silt of Baltic Ice Lake. Its white 18 meters high sand outcrop once helped local fishermen find their way home. The dune got its name from its white, hardened layers of sand which look like sandstone.
In White Dune are set up following Nature Design objects: "Entrance gates" which symbolizes White Dune and its fragility. On the wall of this object an information about White Dune are exposed. "Frīda the Hedgehog" and "Fredis the Rabbit"- both objects invite people to be polite when visiting nature sites and not to throw rubbish on the ground as well as to be quiet in the forest. "The bug trail" which helps to understand that humans are not the only one creatures in the nature. "Listening device" which is made in the form of trumpet and helps to listen into the sounds of sea and wind. The approximately 4 kilometers long Sunset Trail winds from the White Dune to the center of Saulkrasti.

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