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Country house
Country house Latvia, Latgale, Ludzas novads

AIZUPMAJAS, a black sauna

A farmstead by the Pildas lake and the Pilda river, 9km from Ludzas. rooms for guests in a converted barn and in summer cottage. Traditional potato pancakes for breakfast. Latgalian smoke sauna with lime-tree and oak besoms, honey and blue clay body masks, herb teas. Beautiful garden, a grill house, a bonfire site. Boating down the river, fishing, walks in the wild lakeside meadows, beaver watching.

Fishing   Guests9 (2)   Bedrooms3   Distance from countries capital city275   Season5-10   SPA
Tel: +371 26525785
Ņukšu pag.
Ludzas nov.
LV 5730, Latvia