Country Holidays
No 10014
Territory Latvia, Kurzeme

Abava River Valley Nature Park

The ancient Abava River Valley between Kandava and the place where the river flows into the Venta River is the most expressive river valley segment in Kurzeme in terms of landscape and terrain. The valley is 30 to 40 metres deep and as much as 300 metres wide. The territory is distinguished by great diversity of a biological nature (more than 800 kinds of plants), featuring many different biotopes and natural monuments such as streams, waterfalls, cliffs, huge rocks, and many cultural and historical monumentssmall towns such as Kandava and Sabile. In both cases, the town centres are national monuments of urban construction. Popular tourist destinations include Vīnakalns hill in Sabile, where wine-making grapes are grown, as well as the open-air art museum at Pedvāle. To protect cultural treasures, a cultural and historical territory, “Abava River Valley” has been established. Wild livestock live at Drubazas and Tēvkalni to “maintain” the landscape. There are nature trails for tourists, and the Abava is the most popular river for water tourists in Kurzeme. Information is available at the tourist information centres in Kandava and Sabile. such as castle hills, churches, ancient burial grounds, and

Nature park Distance from countries capital city100   Accommodation available