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Piebalga "Home Cafés" in Slātava and Čangaliena on July 17

Buklets (PDF)Few people know about the scope with which people in Piebalga await guests.  The farms of Piebalga will be opened to visitors on July 17.  Nine "Home Café" owners and their families will welcome guests and demonstrate as much hospitality as possible.  Six or seven dishes, no fewer will be served. 

Bread will be baked in red glass ovens, and guests will be served a sea of coffee with cakes.  All kinds of jams will be pressed from rose berries and Buxbaum tree blossoms.  Piebalga tea will be served on long wooden tables.  Guests will enjoy a thick lamb soup, pounded Piebalga pork chops and hearty wheat porridge.  All of the dishes will be made of clean clay.  Musicians will come down the highway and perform at each farm. Guests will be so surprised at what people in Piebalga know to put on the table for visitors!

All events can be found under "Home Cafés" or on the "Map" (in Latvian). 
► Piebalga "Home Cafés" in Slātava and Čangaliena - BROCHURE (131 MB)

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► What are "Home Café Days"?
The yards of farms and other places that are not linked to dining and accommodations on a daily basis will turn into cafés for a day or two.  Guests will be able to taste local foods to learn new flavours, as well as to enjoy an interesting cultural programme.  Each farm has families and/or friends who will prepare a special offer -- flatbreads, cakes, casseroles etc. to be served with tea or coffee.  Each farm will present the name of its café, and the products will be served with characteristic cultural characteristic and stories.  There will also be various cultural activities such as handicrafts, games, playing of musical instruments, etc.
► "Home Café Days" all over Latvia this year, from July until October >>>

Please note: 

  • When planning your route, you must get in touch with the desired destinations in advance. Contact information can be found in the sections "Home Cafés" and "Map".
  • Make sure that you know the date and time when participants will be providing services.  Usually that will be between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, but some venues may have different opening times.
  • Make sure that you keep national epidemiological rules in mind to protect yourself, the people you are visiting, and other visitors, as well. For timely information about the epidemiological situation, please visit (the Latvian Sickness Prevention and Control Centre), or
  • The epidemiological situation may mean that there will be changes in the offers. Visit "Home Cafés" or "Map", to click on specific offers and see whether that is so.
  • At some of the "Home Cafés," payment will only be accepted in cash.

We hope all guests will experience truly exciting adventures of taste! 

"Home Café Days" in Latvia are organised by:


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