Wildlife tours

The coastal climate of western Latvia modulates into the continental climate of eastern Latvia. Latvia’s geographic position alongside the Baltic Sea has fostered unique conditions where northern-southern and western-eastern vegetation can be found flourishing side by side. Similar patterns can be found in the animal kingdom. There are many national parks and protected nature territories with maintained trails and viewing platforms. It is easy to enjoy nature and learn about different flora and fauna.

We tailor-made all our tours according the clients’ specific needs interests and fitness level. In this section we have included the samples of each type of tour to give an idea what we can offer – bird and mammal watching, mushroom hunting and botanic tours in Latvia. The tours tend to pass various biotops maximizing impressions and number of  species seen.



Depending of your needs the itinerary can be organized changing accommodation every night and spending most time out on the field. Or we can organize activities around one or two base hotels. Most our hotels in these tours have en suite facilities. However sometimes we have to use hotels where WC and bathroom have to be shared because of the lack of alternative hotels in the area.  We tend to give priority to small hotels or guest houses own by local people, located at rural areas with lots of space to walk around. Early breakfast is always possible.

Guides and specialists

Besides tour guides we can use also local guides of the sites or invite experts (zoologists, mycologists, entomologists etc.) for a talk or excursion of the specific interest.   We can organise also themed talk with the specialist in the evening or organize, for example, a butterfly show, moths studies using a moths trap or bats watching night and similar activities.


We provide detailed information and maps for your itinerary including route description, sites, and facilities on the way as well as check-lists.

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Mushrooming Botanic
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