Praktiska informācija un padomi ceļošanai ar sabiedrisko transportu

Intercity Bus and Passenger Train Route Schedules

If you are planning your trip with public transport yourself, visit the following websites for the topical information on routes, times and means of transport:

  • Enquiry portal (route planner, intercity bus and train schedules, city transport);
  • Passenger train website (train schedules);

  • Riga International Coach Terminal website (intercity and international bus schedules);

  • Road transport administration website (useful information, topical changes in route schedules).

Transport schedules are subject to changes seasonally and depending on the day of the week - on business days and weekends. Always check for topical information before your trip!

Ticket Sales

Purchasing of tickets for intercity buses

Advance ticket sales for domestic routes is available 10 days prior to the departure of the route bus.

  • Ticket bookings can be made at the Service Coordination Centre of Riga International Coach Terminal (EUR 0.40) or by phone (+371) 90001111, (EUR 0.52 per minute) or at intercity bus stations. The tickets booked for domestic routes must be purchased no later than 60 minutes prior to the departure of the route bus.
  • On-line ticket sales websites

Purchasing tickets for passenger trains

The purchases of tickets in advance are possible 10 days prior to the departure of the train:

  • At the cash registers of railway stations
  • On-line ticket sales websites

Travel on Public Transport with a Bicycle

If you intend to take your bicycle with you, remember that it can be transported on trains only, not on the buses!

If you wish to carry your bicycle on the train, you will have to buy a baggage ticket. Keep in mind that bicycles may be transported in railway carriages equipped with special bicycle racks and the number of bicycle racks must match the number of bicycles actually carried. If the carriage is not equipped with bicycle racks, the maximum number of bicycles carried in the carriage may not exceed 5 bicycles. Train carriages that are equipped with bicycle racks are marked with labels next to the door. If the carriage does not have bicycle racks, the bicycles are placed in spaces between seats as indicated by the conductor-controller. When travelling on a train with your bicycle, plan your time and arrive promptly for the train to enter the carriage and place the bicycle in the intended place without causing delays. If you are a group of cyclists (more than 15 people), please apply 48 hours in advance by calling to (+371) 67232135 to arrange for the opportunities of reaching the required station.