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Prāmis Klaipēda - Ķīle - Klaipēda

Ferry Klaipēda - Ķīle and Ķīle - Klaipēda runs 7 times a week. The route is served by ferries VICTORIA Seaways and REGINA Seaways, which sail in both ways from International Ferry Terminal in Klaipeda and Kiel Ostuferhafen. Ferries take passengers and vehicles. There are different types of cabins, a shop, a children's playroom, fast-food restaurant and a bar. Trip duration ~19 hours. 

To make a reservation please send your application to the e-mail

Ferry reservations are accepted no later than 3 working days before the departure date. 


Timetable from 08.10.2017

Departure from Klaipēda Arrival in Ķīle Departure from Ķīle Arrival in Klaipēda
Monday 22:00 Tuesday17:00 Monday 21:00 Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 22:00 Wednesday 17:00 Tuesday 21:00 Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 22:00 Thursday 17:00 Wednesday 21:00 Thursday 17:30
Thursday 22:00 Friday 17:00 Thursday 21:00 Friday 17:30
Friday 22:00 Saturday 17:00 Friday 21:00 Saturday 17:30
Saturday 22:00 Sunday 17:00 Saturday 21:00 Sunday 17:30
Sunday 22:00 Monday 17:00 Sunday 21:00 Monday 17:30


* Ferry departure and arrival times are indicated in local time. Trip duration 19 hours.
* Ticket registration for passengers and vehicles starts 3 hours before ferry departure time. Registration ends 1 hour before ferry departure.
* The ferry line reserves the right to change the timetable and ticket prices without prior notice.


Note: Trips from Klaipeda will not take place on June 17-24, August 26, September 2, October 21 and 28, 2018. Trips from Kiel will not take place on 19 March 2018, 23 and 30 April, 18 and 25 June, 27 August, 3 September, 22 and 29 October.



ATTENTION! The ticket price depends on the date of purchase, as well as on the amount of remaining free places at the time of purchase. The less free space or less days left until the departure date, the higher the price. The prices in the table are one-way base prices, that can change by the factors mentioned above.



Two-person cabin without a window, 1-2 pers.
shower/ WC/ bunk bed
110 EUR
Two-person cabin with a window, 1-2 pers.
shower/ WC/ two seperate beds
130 EUR
Two-person cabin with a window, 1-2 pers.
shower/ WC/ double bed
210 EUR
Four-person cabin without a window, 1-4 pers.
shower/ WC
235 EUR
Four-person cabin with a window, 1-4 pers.
shower/ WC
225 EUR
Seperate bed in a 4-person cabin with a window (for men/women) 65 EUR

Seperate bed in a 4-person cabin without a window (for men/women)

60 EUR
Deck chair 28 EUR

* Prices may differ depending on availability.
* All prices are one-way, catering fee is not included. 
* Children up to 3 y/o travel for free, if they don't use an extra bed. Children can travel only with adult supervision. 
* Every passenger has to reserve a place in a cabin or a seat.


Standard car, minibus, house trailer 
length up to 5m, height up to 1.85m 79 EUR
length up to 7m, height up to 2.70m 100 EUR
length up to 10m, height up to 4.0m (house trailer, minibus up to 3.5 t) 260 EUR
House trailers (length 8 -12m)  
Trailers (heigth up to 2.70m) 135 EUR
Cargo trailer (price per meter) 40 EUR
Living trailer (price per meter) 10 EUR
length up to 2m 42 EUR
length above 2m 50 EUR
Bicycle 15 EUR
Bus (length up to 14m with no more than 9 passengers) 142 EUR

* Prices may differ depending on availability. 



* Transportation is only possible upon prior request and in accordance with the rules of the DFDS for pets. 
* Passengers with pets pay a full cabin price
* Pets must be in a cage or on a leash with a muzzle.