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Milk has been drunk in the territory that is now Latvia since the Bronze Age some 2,000 years ago.  To this very day, milk and dairy products such as butter, cheese, kefir, cream, etc., have been an inviolable component of our everyday lives and our material and non-material culture.  Milk is spoken of in Latvian folksongs and legends, with the goddess Māra (Mārša) being the protector and milkmaid of dairy cows and a churner of butter.  Ancient Latvians called cows māršavas, and the cows were often named after local rivers – Dzelme, Gauja or Rasa.  The hope was that this would encourage the animals to produce more milk.  Our holidays and celebrations, too, are unimaginable without dairy products.  One of the main events of the year is the Summer Solstice, and Summer Solstice cheese is an inviolable part of the meal.  Cheese in Latvia is made by farm women on single family farms, and it is produced at industrial levels.  Latvian dairy products (butter, etc.) were known internationally during the first period of Latvia’s independence from 1918 until 1940, and the same remains true today.

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