Interreg V-A Latvia – Lithuania

Heritage based agritourism

The historical heritage of agritourism involves farms that are open to visitors, interactive museums, private collections and other places where people can learn about the history of farms and the development of various agricultural sectors from antiquity to the present day.

We learn from previous generations, as well as immigrants from other nations, and we learn and seek everything new. We have moved from a plough that is pulled by a horse with a feed bag around its neck to enormous tractors that process fields on the basis of global navigation systems, also having a screen that shows how many tonnes of grain have been threshed today. Modern farmers, however, look into the past with respect and thanks, not throwing away the dough rising bowl that his grandfather made and not turning an old threshing machine over to scrap metal buyers.

Such farmers are happy to demonstrate this evidence of the past to visitors, talking about the spirit of their families in terms of business and farm management.

This is the story of the Latvian Brown cow, which provides the only milk that ensures real Summer Solstice Cheese.  It is the story of Kaupo rye and Dindonis pickles.  It is the story about all kinds of historical and cultural influences that have left tracks in the present-day life in the countryside and farming, starting with the age of Livonia, passing through the age of Duke Jacob and baronial estates as centres for economic activity, Latvia's first years of independence with many innovations in agriculture, the Soviet occupation, with influence and evidence from that period that becomes part of the historical heritage to this very day.  The slogan for historical heritage agritourism is "I Farm Today, But Know How it Was Done in the Past!"

Farming sectors in Latvia ensure interesting historical facts.

Esam izdevuši pastkaršu sēriju, kurās attēlotas lauku dzīves ainas. Ja vēlies iepriecināt savus draugus Latvijā vai ārzemēs ar īstu pastkartes sveicienu, tad pastkartes vari iegūt "Lauku ceļotāja" birojā Rīgā - Kalnciema ielā 40., 3. stāvā.

 PASTKARTES (attēlu galerija)