Country Holidays


A detached house with an isolated yard or a wider territory which is to be used only by the guests staying at the holiday house. The house usually includes a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen with all the necessary appliances for cooking and cutlery, a bathroom and a WC. Fresh towels and bed linen are included in the price. The owners can offer extra services such as feeding, different sorts of active rest, rent of equipment, excursions, etc.



Overview Details
from 85 EUR / night


A cottage not far from the sea. On the 1st floor - a kitchen and dining room, bedroom, sauna, amenities. On the 2nd floor - an open bedroom. 3 cottages nearby (No. 182, 283, 413).

Fishing   By the sea   Guests4 (4)   Bedrooms2   Distance from countries capital city220   Season1-12   Internet access


If you have a desire to escape from the urban crowd and noise, to enjoy the sun and the sea, to get a breath of pine forest, to watch lamprey fishing in the river Svētupe to go out for picking up mushrooms, to ride a bicycle or go skiing, to be inspired by the Svetupe flood-time, to feel odour of  fresh and smoked fish then plan your holidays accompanied by) your family and friends and come to the sunset beach – „Vējavas”.

Vējavas is located at the Svētupe`s  fall into the Rīga Gulf,  on the motorway Rīga – Tallinn 90th km, 10 km before Salacgrīva.

Active leisure   Fishing   By the sea   Guests25 (6)   Bedrooms8   Distance from countries capital city80   Season1-12  
from 70 - 80 EUR / night 385 EUR / week


Oak alley leads to a small log house with a sauna and a fireplace room. The Bīriņi castle across the lake. Good swimming spot in the lake, beach volley-ball. In summer, ecologically grown vegetables. Excursions in the neighbourhood.
Fishing   Skiing   Horseback riding   Guests4 (4)   Bedrooms1   Distance from countries capital city50   Season1-12   Internet access


Holliday cottage is located 85 km from Riga, 5 km from Kakenieki (Riga-Liepaja highway), on the bank of Lake Zebrus, in the nature protected area. There is separate house with two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, two living rooms, fire place, terrace, steam bath and sauna with two hot-tubs next to the house in Ezerluki. Private area for active leisure, hiking and swimming in the area. Hay barn with canopy and view to the lake.
Fishing   Guests5 (4)   Bedrooms2   Distance from countries capital city85   Season3-11   Optional meals No pets allowed


Holiday cottage located on a 42 hectare property – a peaceful, scenic place surrounded by forest, meadows and water. Ideal place for peaceful family rest, leisurely walks in the forest, mushrooming, fishing and nature watching. 

Facilities: well equipped cottage with fireplace and sauna, boat, bonfire place, large pond.

Silence and Peace   Skiing   Guests4   Bedrooms2   Distance from countries capital city75   Season1-12   No pets allowed
from 1,650 EUR / week


On the quiet Vidzeme beach, a cosy and quiet log cabin.  On the first floor - a fireplace, a nice view of the sea.  Bedrooms on the second floor.  Separate sauna by the pond.
By the sea   Guests16 (2)   Bedrooms3 (1)   Distance from countries capital city70   Season3-11   No pets allowed

Palena medibu muizas apartamenti

The renovated part of the Palen Manor has cozy, well-furnished apartments - Dienvidu (South) Apartment 40 m2 and the Dižozolu (grand oak) 35 m2.

Apartments are study type with separate bedroom. In the kitchen section, you can cook meals, coffee and tea. The apartment has a refrigerator for storage of the products taken. The renovated mansion furnace will provide a living fire of pleasure. Wide shower room with heated warm floor, WC. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Active playgrounds for children.

Under the oak there is a picnic place with a wooden bench of the manor. There are garden furniture and grills.

The open terrace of the southern side will allow one to relax in the warm embrace of the sun. Looking through the windows, the old multi-level park of the manor with oak trees more than a hundred years old and figural linden tree plantations can be viewed. 

Guests5 (4)   Bedrooms2   Distance from countries capital city78   Season1-12   Accommodation available
from 130 EUR / night 600 EUR / week


A weekend house opposite Avotiņkalns Hill on the shore of the Daugava, 1.5 km from the Staburags cliff and the Liepavots stream.  A fireplace room, kitchen, WC and shower on the first floor, and two bedrooms on the second floor.  The sauna is in a separate cottage.  A wonderful place for leisure and fishing.

Fishing   Silence and Peace   Beautiful sights   Guests6 (2)   Bedrooms2   Distance from countries capital city110   Season5-10  

Forest retreat "Baldone"

The “Baldone Sauna for Friends” weekend house offers families, couples, good friends and small groups rooms for leisure amidst a mighty forest of beautiful fir and pine trees during the summer and the winter.  Fans of sauna rituals can enjoy a sauna according to the Latvian style, with aromatic herbal teas, a salt or coffee scrub, and a bucket of cold water for contrast.  Outside is a tub of hot water for leisure and conversations during which the tops of the pine trees, the moon and the stars can be watched.  Guests have access to a large living room with a fireplace and a well-appointed kitchenette.  There are four bedrooms – a yellow one with six single beds and a double bed, a lavatory and a shower; as well as violet, reddish and green rooms with double beds that share a lavatory and a shower.  There is room for as many as 18 people in all.

Sauna Experience4pers.   Skiing   Walking   Cycling   For parties   Guests13 (4)   Bedrooms4   Distance from countries capital city35   Season1-12   Optional meals Internet access

Atputas komplekss "Usmas Meki"

Atpūtas komplekss "Usmas Meķi" atrodas pie Usmas ezera Kuldīgas novadā. Atpūtas komplekss darbojas visu gadu.
Atpūtas kompleksā būs interesanti gan dabas baudītājiem, gan aktīvās atpūtas cienītājiem, gan telšotājiem, gan komforta mīļotājiem.
"Usmas Meķi" piedāvā nakšņošanas iespējas dažāda komforta līmeņa piekritējiem, un dažāda veida aktīvās atpūtas iespējas gan uz ūdens, gan ezera krastā. Piedāvājam 80 gultasvietas dažāda veida mājās-namiņos. Mājas-namiņi ir dažāda veida-sākot ar vienkāršiem namiņiem, līdz labiekārtotām mājām ar pirtīm un baļļu. Kopumā teritorijā, dažāda veida pasakumu organizēšanai, iespējams uzņemt līdz 300 cilvēkiem. Atpūtas kompleksā darbojas cilvēki ar pieredzi dažādu pasākumu organizēšanā un rīkošanā.
Teritorijā  viesiem ir pieejama kafejnīca ar banketu zāli. Kompleksa teritorija ir norobežota un visu diennakti tiek novērota. 

Active leisure   Fishing   Beautiful sights   Canoeing   Cycling   Walking   Guests80   Bedrooms6   Season1-12   Optional meals Accommodation available