For children and teenagers

An extensive and special offer in the countryside for children and teenagers of various ages and with various interests.  People can learn about life in the countryside and enjoy leisure and recreation in a safe and healthy country environment. 

All of the offers are divided up in sections on the basis of interests and whether the offer is meant for individual travellers or groups, as marked by a symbol.  Many farm owners do not provide tourism services on an everyday basis, but they do accept groups that register in advance.  Please register in a timely way to agree on the date, duration and programme of the visit.  When visiting farms, dress comfortably for outdoor activities – gym or hiking shoes, windbreakers, raincoats, etc.  Always keep weather conditions in mind.

Why visit farms and rural places?
  • A look at the profession

What to study, where to find a job, how to establish one’s own company, etc.  Modern farms offer work and competitive salaries to highly qualified and well-educated professionals.  Managers of agricultural processes must be familiar with many different areas, starting with biology, and ending with computer science.  Automated management systems at drying kilns and cattle sheds, biogas manufacturing facilities, meteorology and precise agricultural methods are just some examples of the need for a high level of knowledge in managing processes at agricultural companies.  Planning of manufacturing procedures, use of EU funds and the sale of farm products – these are other skills that are useful for a professional career in the countryside.  Perhaps you do not want to live “amidst the stones of the city” or in a “civilised and exciting way”?  This is one option.

  • The extracurricular model

Visits to farms and information that is obtained there can be used for project weeks at schools, for essays, for “shadow days,” and for other events that supplement educational programmes and link educational content to practical life and work.

  • New impressions

Latvia’s farms produce many different types of products with many different tastes, and these can be enjoyed during tastings, including ancient Latvian foods and modern goodies.  Farmers can tell convincing stories about their experience in successfully establishing and developing their businesses.