Urlaub auf dem Land
No 50050
PKW-Fahrten Individuell Litauen, Lettland

Along the Baltic National Parks - Latvia and Lithuania

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A panoramic tour of Lithuania and Latvia with highlights of nature experiences in the National parks and nature reserves. A variety of landscapes, nature attraction sites, birds and wild animals, forests and seashore. The tour also offers some cultural and historical insights.

Baltic States are lucky to have plenty of untouched natural territories. During the Cambrian, Silurian and Devonian eras, the territory of the current Baltic States was often covered by seawater, which is why there are places where lots of geological evidence can be found about these periods in history.  These are manifested not just in fossils and various geological objects, but also in the unique landscape. For example, The Gauja River basin is an outstanding locations for Devonian cliffs and caves. Other interesting elements of the terrain relate to the development of the Baltic Sea in the past – the Baltic Ice Sea and the Littorine Sea. That is well presented at he landscape of hillocks and valleys in the Slītere National Park. Many forests  and bogs have remained virtually untouched as biotopes here.  The Ķemeri, Slītere national parks were all established to protect wetlands. Rivers in the Baltic States have not been straightened and dense areas of buildings are not common.  There are two “lands of lakes” in the Baltic States – Latgale and Augštaitija. The Baltic States are at the crossroads of the living areas of many different plants and animals, and that is why “northern,” “southern,” “western” and “eastern” species can all be found here. Some national parks have been established to protect distinctive local cultural heritage.