Individual cycling tours

Riga and surroundings

Latvia (4 days)

Read more about protected nature areas en route in the description below.

1st day / Arrival to Riga
Pick up the info package with Riga map at the hotel reception
Leisure time in Riga.
Overnight in Hotel in the centre of Riga.

2nd day / Riga Highlights
Meet the guide and pick-up the bicycles at the guest house.

Guided cycling tour: The city centre and the Moscow suburb
(~7km, 3-4h)

This tour offers you a chance to look at the traditional treasures of the historical city centre of Rīga from a slightly different and less ordinary viewpoint – while riding a bicycle.  The tour will lead you though the city’s many parks, through the area of Art Nouveau buildings, and on to the so-called Moscow Suburb. You will return to the Old City via the Central Market, along the banks of the Daugava and the city canal.

In the afternoon there is the possibility to choose between two guided cycling tours:
1. Pārdaugava - Riga’s "countryside" and the Soviet heritage (~35km, 6-7h)
During this tour, you will view the part of Rīga that is on the Left Bank of the Daugava River – the Pārdaugava district.  Almost immediately upon crossing the river, you will arrive at Āgenskalns, which was home to working people during the first period of Latvian independence before World War II.  You will find small wooden houses and narrow roads covered by sand or paving. Then you will find the Imanta neighbourhood – full of the so-called block houses of the Soviet period.  You will pass through the Kleisti forest, where World War I trenches can still be seen. Eventually you will arrive in the part of Rīga which is most heavily populated by ethnic Russians – Bolderāja. It is located at the place where the Daugava flows into the sea, and here you can take a good look at what the Russian military left behind – a residential village and what used to be a base for submarines and warships.  You will return to the city centre via the old airport at Spilva – Stalin-era buildings can be seen there.  Along the way you will see Rīga’s highest hillock, the one that is in the Dzegūžkalns park. You will view the Kleisti baronial estate and an area of exclusive homes on Ķīpsala Island, which sits in the Daugava.

2. "Green" Riga - private villas in Mežaparks and the Ķīšezers lake
(~20 km, 4h)

This tour will take you to the greenest part of Rīga, the Mežaparks neighbourhood. You will find gorgeous villas that date back to the early 20th century, many of them built of wood. You can visit the Great Stage of Mežaparks, where the massive Latvian Song Festival’s chief concert is held once every four years – the Song Festival is a global phenomenon, and only Latvia and Estonia hold such festivals. The stage holds literally tens of thousands of performers from all over Latvia. Than you will ride along the shores of the Ķīšezers lake back to the city centre.
Overnight in Riga.

3rd day / Riga’s seashore
Meet the guide at the hotel.
Possibility to choose between two guided cycling tours:

1. The port district and Riga’s seashore
(~30 km, 5h)

This route will introduce you to another part of Rīga which has not been discovered by too many tourists – the seashore on the Right Bank of the Daugava. You will pass through the cargo port, a series of Soviet-era block houses in the neighbourhood of Vecmīlgrāvis, the nature reserve of Vecdaugava (which is a great spot for bird-watching in the spring and the autumn), the forested peninsula at Mangaļi, where the ruins of old fortifications remain, and then on to the place where the Daugava flows into the sea – the so-called “Daugava Gates”. You can ride far into the sea along the long pier which you will find there. Then it is on to Vecāķi, which the people of Rīga love for the sandy beaches that are found there.  You can return to Rīga from Vecāķi by train.
Tos see more photos from this tour please click here.

2. The spa ressort of Jūrmala
(~25 km, 7h)

You will take a special bicycle trail through Pārdaugava, the Soviet-era neighbourhoods of Imanta and Zolitūde, and then a pine forest that will lead you all the way to the suburb of Jūrmala. You will ride through the town, looking at the unique wooden summer homes that are found there. Many have been renovated by the country’s wealthy people. There is a nice pedestrian avenue (you must dismount and push your bicycle). There are modern spa hotels, Soviet-era sanatoria, and a white-sand beach, of course. You can return to Rīga by train, from the Dubulti stop. You can also bicycle back, of course, but then your route will be twice as long – 50 km! 
Overnight in Riga.

4th day / Riga
Individual departure or extra days in Riga or in the countryside in Latvia.
Optional: Private transfer from the hotel to airport.

Package price: 315.00 EUR per person*
* With overnight in the guest house Multilux B&B near to the city centre Riga.

Package price: 375.00 EUR per person**
* With overnight in the hotel Elizabetes Nams in city centre Riga.

*Minimum number of persons - 2.
*A price of the tour can change in case the planned guest houses/hotels are fully booked and we have to choose other accommodation sites.
*Prices may change due to changes in national tax legislation or other independent reasons.

Services included in the package price:
  • 3 overnights with breakfast in the guest house in Riga, (DBL or TWIN room with WC, shower)
  • English speaking guide during the cycling tours at day 2 and 3
  • Hired bicycle (2 days)
  • Riga map 
Extra costs not included in the package price:
  • Single supplement per person: from 85.00 EUR 
  • Individual transfer from airport - hotel in Riga: EUR 20.00 (1-3 persons/one way)
  • Additional night at hotel in Riga: from 57.00 EUR (DBL/ night)
  • Train tickets for day 3 (Dubulti - Riga or Vecaki - Riga: ~1.50 EUR per pers.
  • Entrance in the museums and attraction sight
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