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Did you know that EU is the world’s largest cheese market and there are over 240 varieties of cheese that are protected under EC schemes for protection of agricultural products and food staffs? Three quality logos attest to their specific traditions and qualities: the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG).

 Here you will find information on how 6 countries cooperate to promote cheese as a reason for travelling - going on a cheese tasting tour in home country and abroad. Touring routes, information about cheese festivals, types and sorts of cheese and cheese producers in Canary islands, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy and Latvia.

Find more information on Latvian „Cheese master” routes and cheese farms in our website www.celotajs.lv/lv/c/brand/cheese. Many of these participate in the Countryside Open Days event in May 27-28 this year. Check also the „Tasty cheese tour” website  http://www.tastycheesetour.eu.

We are ready with a new theme in our web site – Tasty Cheese Tour.
Find out about types and sorts of cheese that are produced in small facilities located in rural areas, and venture for a cheese tour to enjoy the variety of tastes and products! Farms and manufacturing facilities that prove mastery in cheese making, can talk about the process with visitors, and offer samples for tasting or buying are awarded with the title Cheese Master.

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Latvian Country Tourism Association "Lauku ceļotājs" has developed a brochure "Tasty Cheese Tour" (Gardā siera ceļš). The title "Sierzinis" is awarded to farms and manufacturing facilities that prove mastery in cheese making, can talk about the process with visitors, and offer samples for tasting or buying.  The title is also awarded to rural saloons, restaurants and other venues that offer locally made cheeses on their menus.

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Смотреть все новости про "Издания Lauku ceļotājs"

To developing the Culinary Routes network in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea in order to strengthen identity and the feeling of belonging together the Baltic sea Culinary Routes project partners have produced a brochure.

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Саженцы, семена, средства для улучшения почвы, садовая техника и инвентарь, лесная и сельскохозяйственная техника, конкурс флористов, семинары... и многое другое с 22 по 24 апреля ожидает посетителей международной выставки садоводства, сельского и лесного хозяйства „Nature Expo 2016” на Кипсале. 

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Foto: Z/S Vaidelotes

After almost 18 month of work, the “Seniors Go Rural” project presents the results of its activities.  A reduced yet comprehensive list of rules and requirements sets the frame for age-group friendly tourism services.  Based on these criteria, new and innovative products were created and tested.  The “Silver Suitcase” logo identifies adequate services to the target group, and the associated Guest Card provides special conditions and value-added services to them. 

All offers for seniors you can find here: http://www.celotajs.lv/en/c/accomm/seniors

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No 5. līdz 7. februārim Starptautiskajā izstāžu centrā Ķīpsalā notiks 23. starptautiskā tūrisma izstāde-gadatirgus „Balttour 2016”, kur LLTA “Lauku ceļotājs” sniegs informāciju par jauno senioru atlaižu karti “Sudraba ceļasoma” (Silver suitcase) un senioriem draudzīgām lauku tūrisma naktsmītnēm un saimniecībām. 

“Lauku ceļotājs” ir izstrādājis jaunu piedāvājumu, kas orientēts uz Latvijas un ārzemju  senioriem virs 55 gadiem. To apzīmē zīmols “Sudraba ceļasoma” jeb angļu valodā - “Silver Suitcase”.  Pēc produkta logo “Silver Suitcase” seniori varēs atrast sev draudzīgas vietas, ceļojumus ar atlaidēm un speciālus pakalpojumus tieši šai vecuma grupai, savukārt seniora karte būs tā, kas jāuzrāda, lai atlaides saņemtu.

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20. - 24.06.2015: закрыто
25. - 27.06.2015: 09:00 - 17:00
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This year Latvia is a partner country of “International Green Week” which takes place from 16-25th January, 2015 in Berlin. Latvia's stand is planned as a rural homestead with demonstrations of produce from gardens, meadows, the Baltic Sea as well as representation of rural tourism. Food tastings, demonstrations, and various activities will take place during the fair. Tourism of Latvia will be representing by Latvian Rural tourism association “Lauku celotajs” and Latvian National airline AirBaltic. 


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