Нo 2063
Коттедж Эстония


Villa Hanson is situated in Noarootsi County in Elbiku/Ölback Village, 100 km southwest of Tallinn on the coast of the Baltic Sea. This area was inhabited mostly by coastal Swedes until 1944. Today all villages also have Estonian and Swedish names.

This detached, cozy new house is situated in a beautiful spot beside the main building. There is a living room with 2 beds, kitchenette, toilet, shower and sauna on the ground floor. All rooms have light tile floors and light natural wooden walls and ceilings.
There is a bedroom for 2+3 beds with wooden floors, walls and ceilings on the first floor.
There is a nice wooden terrace with grill facing the forest.

Гости5 Спальни1 (1) Расстояние от столицы100 Сезон1-12