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Озеро Латвия, Zemgale

Lake Sloka (Slocene)

This is a comparatively large lake (3 km long and 1.3 km wide).  It is shallow (no more than 1.1 m deep) and is classified as a seashore lake.  The Vecslocene River flows through it.  At the southern end, there is a narrow stream which connects Lake Sloka with Aklo Lake – a shallow and small lake with a dolomite bed at some locations.  The best view of Lake Sloka can be seen from the bird watching tower on its north-western shore.  This is the only floating bird watching tower in Latvia.  Alongside it is the beginning of the 3 km Lake Sloka hiking trail, which passes through the flooded wetlands of the lower reaches of the Vēršupīte.  An information stand can be found on the shore of Lake Sloka by the car park.  Beyond it is a sulphurous spring.

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