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Активный отдых
Активный отдых Индивидуальная Эстония

A hiking tour along the western coast of Estonia and the resort towns: Parnu and Haapsalu

Roosta - Dirhami - Nõva sadam

  • Hiking: Roosta - Dirhami - Nõva sadam (20 km, 6 - 8 h)

Difficulty level: easy
Road surface: A short stretch of road covered in asphalt and gravel, forest trails, highly variable beaches: sandy, occasionally covered in gravel, pebbles, stones of different sizes, a short section of dolomite base. In some places, algae have been washed ashore.
Dangerous places: Be careful and ensure safety when walking along the road.
Good to know! Catering companies are available at the Port of Dirhami. The closest shops are in Nõva   (3,5 km from the Port of Nõva) and Dirhami village. Cape Põõsaspea (an excellent bird watching site). 

Transfer back to Rooslepa

Accommodation in Rooslepa.

Расстояние пешком 20 км