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Day tour: Kihnu island – UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Programme duration: approx. 6.5 hours

For whom: individuals/groups (max. 20)

Tour Package includes: guided excursion + entrances + local lunch+folklore concert (groups only)


* Arrival at Kihnu island with private car/tour bus starts from Munalaid Harbour ferry port. Passenger boat sails to the island of Kihnu within about 1 hour. 


09:30 Local guide Kihnu Mare meets visitors arriving by ferry from Munalaiu at the harbour.

10:00 Kihnu Museum. Visitors will learn about the history of the island, see national costumes and household items, fishing equipment and local paintings. There is a range of local souvenirs on sale and a coffee corner.

11:00 St Nicholas Church, built in 1784, is one of the few orthodox churches converted from a Lutheran sacral building. There is a simple but beautiful iconostasis in the church.

11:30 Kihnu lighthouse is a striking iron structure, built in 1864 and offering spectacular views over the island. It is 29 metres high, with a winding internal staircase. At the top there is a narrow round-the-tower balcony.

12:00 Metsamaa Heritage Farm visit. Visitors will see traditional architecture, handicrafts, farm life, and the motorcycles with side-cars that are used by the local women as a regular means of transport and have become closely associated with the island.

13:00 Traditional lunch: fish or meat, home-made rye bread.

14:00 Home visit – an opportunity to see how a traditional Kihnu family lives. Guests will see sheep, storehouses with chests full of handicrafts, a sauna and the living rooms of the main house.
15:00 Folklore concert. Local singers and handicraft masters perform the island’s traditional wedding and village songs and dances, and demonstrate handicrafts.

16:15 Ferry departs.