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На автомашине Индивидуальная Латвия, Zemgale, Ozolnieku novads

Half day tour: Bread Baking Workshop at Caunites Country House


  • Getting there by public transport or bus transfer takes approx. 1 hour.
  • Introduction to Caunītes country house (approx. 30 min.).
  • The hostess will show the guests around the country house and briefly introduce its history. Afterwards there will be a tea or coffee break with some traditional snacks.
  • Bread baking workshop (approx. 30 min.). The host will give instructions on how to make a loaf from a previously prepared dough. She will share her knowledge of bread-baking traditions and skills. For the bread baking, guests will be equipped with a special hat and an apron provided by the hostess. When the loaves are ready, the hostess will put them in the oven.
  • Lunch/dinner (approx. 50 min.). While the bread is baking the hostess will serve a traditional lunch of soup and bread.
  • Taking the bread out of the oven (approx. 30 min.). After taking it out of the oven, the bread should cool down for 15 min. before it is ready for tasting and packing to take away. Guests will get their own loaves to take with them.

For whom: individuals (min. 2 pers.) or groups (min. 8 – max. 15)

Programme includes: bread baking workshop + lunch

Duration of the programme: 2.5 hours

Type of transport: public transport (train) + individual transfer/individual transfer/ tour bus