Отдых на селе
Нo 981
Коттедж Латвия, Zemgale, Baldones novads

Forest retreat "Baldone"

The “Baldone Sauna for Friends” weekend house offers families, couples, good friends and small groups rooms for leisure amidst a mighty forest of beautiful fir and pine trees during the summer and the winter.  Fans of sauna rituals can enjoy a sauna according to the Latvian style, with aromatic herbal teas, a salt or coffee scrub, and a bucket of cold water for contrast.  Outside is a tub of hot water for leisure and conversations during which the tops of the pine trees, the moon and the stars can be watched.  Guests have access to a large living room with a fireplace and a well-appointed kitchenette.  There are four bedrooms – a yellow one with six single beds and a double bed, a lavatory and a shower; as well as violet, reddish and green rooms with double beds that share a lavatory and a shower.  There is room for as many as 18 people in all.

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Ķeguma prospekts 28
LV-2125, Латвия