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Walk the Kihnu Island, Estonia

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Kihnu Island is the largest island in the Gulf of Rīga and the seventh largest island in Estonia. Its total area is 16.9 km², the island is 7 km long and up to 3.3 km wide. The former seal hunter and fishermen’s island, with around 600 inhabitants, is currently eager to maintain its identity in spite of everything. The unique characteristics of the Kihnu cultural space, like the lifestyle of the community, the diverse cultural traditions, the Kihnu language, music, national costumes and nature, are included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

A coastal route that goes through four villages – Sääre, Linaküla, Rootsiküla and Lemsi - will help you to discover the cultural and natural values of Kihnu Island. You can visit Kihnu Museum all year round and get insight into the history of the island, including the life of the famous local captain, Kihnu Jõnn. It is also worth seeing Kihnu Church and the cemetery located across from the museum. In the summer, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island, the surrounding sandbanks and the sea from the lighthouse. The commemorative stone by the former house of Kihnu Jõnn introduces you to the island’s legendary “wild captain”.

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