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Half day tour: Barefoot Walking at the Valguma Pasaule Recreation Centre

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The Barefoot Path begins at the Valguma Pasaule Recreation Centre by Lake Valgums, which is surrounded by forest. The recreation centre includes a hotel and restaurant, and offers nature-based services such as the Barefoot Path and other walking trails.

The Barefoot Path is a 2.6 km long trail through the natural environment, along which visitors walk barefoot and experience a variety of surfaces including pine cones, glass balls, small stones and shingles of various shapes, moss, fine sand, clay, river water, turf, gravel, reeds, chipped wood, pinewood logs, wooden poles and millstones. Walking barefoot has a number of positive health effects:

it strengthens the immune system;

it improves blood circulation and stabilises blood pressure;

it strengthens the leg and foot muscles, joints and ligaments; and

it enhances relaxation, and aids mental and physiological stability.

The walk is led by an English-speaking guide. Before the walk, visitors receive a briefing. It is recommended that visitors wear comfortable outdoor clothing, appropriate for the weather. After walking the barefoot path, visitors usually feel energised, strong and happy. The walk finishes with a relaxing herbal foot bath.

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