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Along the banks of the River Piusa and discovering the Land of Setos: Vana-Vastseliina – Piusa (EE)

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The first part of this section of the Forest Trail winds along the magnificent River Piusa valley, then, at Härmä Village, it turns towards Obinitsa, an important cultural centre of Setomaa, the Land of Setos. Here you can discover the traditions of the local Seto people, for example the fine handicraft of the Seto women. After Obinitsa, the Forest Trail leads through beautiful pine forests rich in heather, descends back into the depths of the River Piusa valley and ends at the Piusa caves. The Piusa sandstone caves are the result of hand-mining glass sand from 1922-1966. The biggest wintering colony of bats in Eastern Europe is located in the caves. When accompanied by the guide, you can visit the observation platform at the Museum cave.