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The Greate Wave Sea: Liepāja - Ventspils

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The Baltic Sea littoral on the West coast of Kurzeme is called the Great Wave Sea. The seacoast is mainly sandy. While the Great Wave Sea section is the least populated coastal area in Latvia, at the same time, the third biggest city in Latvia, Liepāja, is also located there. Steep bluffs rise before your eyes on the seacoast between Pāvilosta and Sārnate. The villages are quiet and sparsely populated. At the beginning of the route, you can see the Soviet military heritage in Liepāja Karosta Prison, taste smoked local fish in Pāvilosta and then enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the entire route to the seacoast from Užava lighthouse. The route closes in the port city of Ventspils, where there are various entertainment and sightseeing places, especially for families with children.

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