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Walking Along the Baltic Sea Coast

1.diena Arrival in Riga

Arrival in Riga. Optional: Private transfer from airport to the hotel. Overnight in hotel in the city centre.
Optional: Evening meal at the hotel.

2.diena Riga - Liepaja

  • Breakfast.
  • Meeting with the tour guide at the hotel lobby.
  • Riga sightseeing tour. Half-day city tour featuring medieval Old Town and Art Nouveau area.
  • Afternoon: coach transfer Riga – Liepaja (~250 km).
  • On the way stop for a walk at Cena Heath trail (~5 km, 2 h). Sightseeing of Liepaja, famous for its nice beach, music festivals, history and church organs.

Overnight in the hotel in Liepaja.
Optional: Evening meal at the hotel.

Attālumi ar kājām 5 km

3.diena Liepaja - Pavilosta

  • Breakfast.
  • Bus transfer: Liepaja – Nida (~65 km).
  • Walkig: Nida - Pape (10 km, 2,5 h). Walking along the Baltic Sea coast area, Access to this territory was strongly restricted in the Soviet times. The Pape lake is one of the richest bird places of Latvia. The route can be followed either along the beach or along the nearby road.
  • Coach transfer: Pape – Liepaja – Pavilosta (~110 km).
  • Sightseeing of Pavilosta, Grey Dune with viewing tower.

Overnight in guest house in Pavilosta.
Optional: Evening meal at the guest house.

Attālumi ar kājām 10 km

4.diena Pavilosta - Kuldiga - Jurkalne

  • Breakfast.
  • Bus transfer: Pavilosta – Ulmale.
  • Walking: Ulmale - Jurkalne (~12 km, 3 h). From Pavilosta, which is a traditional fishermen town, hiking in one of the most beautiful parts of the Baltic sea coast where there are 10-15 m high steep sandy banks. These beaches are quiet and nice for swimming. In Jurkalne, there is a possibility to see the “blue” cows – a very rare cow species, which are typical for that region.
  • In the afternoon bus transfer: Jūrkalne – Kuldīga (~45 km).
  • Sightseeing of Kuldiga – the ancient town of Courland (Kurzeme) with the widest waterfall in Europe (240 m). Visiting of Riežupe sand caves.
  • Bus transfer:  Kuldīga – Jūrkalne.

Overnight in a guest house in Jūrkalne.
Optional: Evening meal in the guest house 

Attālumi ar kājām 12 km

5.diena Jurkalne - Roja

  • Breakfast.
  • Coach transfer: Jurkalne – Ventspils (~45 km).
  • Sightseeing of Ventspils.
  • Coach transfer: Ventspils - Slitere lighthouse (~ 70 km).
  • Walking in the Slitere National Park on a special hiking trail near the Slitere lighthouse (1,5 km, 0,5 h).
  • Coach transfer:  Slitere lighthouse -Mazirbe (~ 10 km).
  • Walking: Mazirbe – Kosrags – Pitrags - Saunags (~10 km, 3 h).Walk through the Slitere National park through old fishermen villages where lives one of the smallest ethnic group the Livs, decents from ancient Finno-Ugric tribe.
  • Coach transfer: Saunags – Kolka – Roja. Stop at Kolka – visit Kolka horn where the Baltic Sea meets the Riga gulf and the waves are crossing forming a long dune.
  • Stop at Purciems –walking (1 km, 0,5 h) trail to the White Dune.

Overnight at a guest house near Roja town.

Optional: Evening meal in the guest house.

Attālumi ar kājām 13 km

6.diena Roja - Jurmala - Riga

  • Breakfast.
  • Walking: Roja – Kaltene (~8 km, 3 h). The route leads along the coasts of the Rīga gulf through a very attractive stony area – the beach is studded with many stones of different size.
  • Bus transfer: Kaltene – Ķemeri.
  • Stop at Mersrags - possibility to visit the bird observation tower. Walking at the Kemeri National Park (~3 km, 1 h) along a plunk trail lied in the marsh.
  • Bus transfer: Jurmala – Riga. On the way stop at Jurmala, resort town.
  • End of guide services.

Overnight in the hotel  in city centre.

Optional: Evening meal in the hotel.

Attālumi ar kājām 11 km

7.diena Departure from Riga

Optional: Private transfer from the hotel to airport or extra days in Riga or in the countryside. Individual or group departure.