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Along Pärnu Bay: Häädemeeste – Pärnu

1.diena Häädemeeste - Uulu

  • Bus Pärnu – Häädemeeste (bus operates ~ 13 times a day) or Bus Riga - Pärnu to Häädemeeste (operates 14 times a day)
  • Hiking: Häädemeeste - Uulu (26 km, 8-10 h)

Difficulty level: hard
Road surface: Forest roads and small trails, in some sections, gravel road, sand, roads overgrown with grass, asphalt in the most populated areas.
Obstacles: There are wetlands on the coast, so this section of the itinerary moves inland. You can cross the streams by bridge. In some places, trees may have fallen upon the trail.
Good to know! No catering services are offered, and no shops are available throughout the whole section. Need to take lunch boxes.

Accommodation near Uulu.

Attālumi ar kājām 26 km

2.diena Uulu - Pärnu

  • Hiking - Uulu - Pärnu (21 km, 7 - 9 h)

Difficulty level: medium
Road surface: Forest roads and small meandering trails, gravel roads, grassy base, in the city: asphalt pavements, pedestrian and cyclist lanes. Sandy beach with a slight mixture of rocks and pebbles at Reiu beach, sandy at Pärnu beach.

Obstacles: You can cross the Uulu Canal by bridge. The itinerary has to be covered according to the indications of the GPX file or the map, as impassable wetlands cover the seacoast throughout its entire length.

Good to know: No catering services are offered along the way, except finish point in Pärnu. Need to take lunch boxes.

Accommodation in Pärnu.

From Pärnu, it is easy to get to Riga and Tallinn by bus.

Attālumi ar kājām 21 km