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A hiking route across the diverse coastal landscapes of Latvia

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This long tour of Latvia includes some of the best and most beautiful parts of Jūrtaka in Latvia. Hikes along the sea alternate with trips and excursions in the cities. You will go along the coast of the Baltic Sea from Mazirbe to Kolka, seeing Slītere National Park and Livonian villages. You will see Engure Nature Park and the overgrown seaside meadows that are suitable for bird watching. Along the way, you will be able to purchase smoked fish from local fishermen and learn about fishing traditions in Latvia. Further, the route will take you through the most popular seaside resort in Latvia, Jūrmala; you will also have time to visit the capital city - Rīga. The second part of the route runs along the Vidzeme coast from Saulkrasti to Svētciems. In terms of landscapes and views, the most multifaceted section of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route in Latvia, which includes both sandy and rocky beach, coastal meadows, reeds, dunes, sandstone outcrops, forests, capes and small coves, fishing villages and pubs.

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