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The most beautiful sights of Northern Latvia: Ape – Korneti

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This tour will give you an impression of the eastern part of Latvia, which is less populated and also less popular among tourists. You will first arrive in Aluksne and explore the town, which is located at Alūksne highland, on the shore of Lake Alūksne. It is worth visiting Temple Hill – an old Latgalian castle mound and the place of the old town, Sun bridge, and the Castle manor park, Alūksne Lutheran Church and the Bible Museum. After staying there overnight you will go by bus to the start point of the hike in Ape. This Forest Trail section winds through a hilly farmland landscape, then enters a large dark forest, occasionally interrupted by the blue surfaces of lakes. After Peļļi, it crosses the Latvian/Estonian border and winds along the shores of the lakes Smilšājs, Sūneklis and Ilgājs for 2 km on the Estonian side, known as Paganamaa (translation: Devil's Land). There it descends and enters the Korneti-Peļļi subglacial depression, one of the most impressive ravines in Latvia. The Forest Trail returns to Latvia at Lake Ilgājs and, after a steep climb, takes you through a hilly area to the Drusku castle mound. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view. At the end of this tour, you will reach Korneti. The section is located in the protected landscape area “Veclaicene”.

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