Ceļojumu maršruti - aktīvā atpūta

Mūsu piedāvātos aktīvos ceļojumus mēs iesakām veikt atbilstoši gadalaikam un laika apstākļiem. Veicamo aktīvo ceļojumu garums ir norādīt pie katra ceļojuma. Zemāk skatiet visus mūsu piedāvātos aktīvo ceļojumu veidus, kas marķēti ar zaļajām piktogrammām: ar velo, laivu, kājām un slēpēm. Dažkārt mūsu ceļojumos iespējams apvienot dažādas aktivitātes – piem., ar laivu, velo un kājām. Ne visi mūsu ceļojumi ir pieejami latviešu valodā, tāpēc, iesakām Baltijas apceļošanas idejām skatīt arī šo lapu angļu vai vācu valodās.

Ar laivu Ar velosipēdu Ar kājām Ar slēpēm
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Pārskats Ceļojuma detaļas
7 dienas
Kopējie attālumi ar kājām 51 km
no 595 EUR / pers.

Walking Along the Baltic Sea Coast

We strart the tour from Riga by bus and proceed along the Baltic Sea coast, passing through many different landscapes - white sandy beaches, coastal meadows, dunes with pine forests and steep banks. Many beaches are wild and completely deserted. Access to these territories were highly restricted during Soviet times. The route leads through ethnographic fishermen villages at Nida, passing Pape nature reserve where wild horses graze. The bustling city of Liepaja impreses with its lively promanade and music scene. The city also has a long military history which can cleary be seen walking among the naval fortifications and visiting the former millitary town. Well-maintained Ventspils has a pleasant market, castle and numerous parks. A restored narrow-gauge railway with working steam engine is well worth a visit as well as the Craft House - ideal for local handmade souvenirs. On the way back the tour goes through the pretty provincial town of Kuldiga with well- preserved wooden architecture. The tour includes two of the most interesting national parks: Slitere which holds the geological history of former ages and Kemeri with its great heath trail and sulphur springs.

Ar kājām Pie jūras Aktīvie sezonas mēneši6-9
7 dienas
Kopējie attālumi ar kājām 18 km, ar laivu 17 km, ar velosipēdu 17 km
no 865 EUR / pers.

Adventures in the Gauja National Park for kids and adults

This is an activity-packed, family-oriented tour.  Planned activities are cycling, walking and canoeing. After exploring Riga' s Old Town and parks, you stop at the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum which gives a hands-on insight into ancient Latvian life and architecture. At Sigulda, the walking starts from romantic medieval Sigulda castle ruins and continues along the Gauja river valley to Turaida Museum Reserve with its medieval castle, viewing tower, traditional estate buildings, and working smithy where forging coins is always fun. A exciting canoeing trip from Cēsis goes along several picturesque riverside cliffs and gentle rapids, finishing at the old-fashioned wire ferry at Līgatne which still operates every day using just the power of the river flow. While at Līgatne, walk along nature trails that introduce local wild animals in large enclosures with wild boar, bears, lynx, wolves and more.

A 'Time Travel' experience offers an excursion to a former Soviet top secret nuclear bunker, while exploring medieval Cesis and its Livonan Order Castle by lamplight will give another historical insight. 
During the tour kids can see beautiful nature and learn about local flora and fauna, get interested in history, learn useful skills and above all enjoy themselves.

Ar kājām Laivošana Velo