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Archived - 01/01/2015 - 09/15/2017 (2015-1-RO01-KA202-015180)

Ready for future: Equipping teachers with future skills

Project goals

The project aims to equip teacher/trainer with the necessary skills for being able to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among pupils.
The beneficiaries shall put entrepreneurial ideas into practice with a view to tackle the challenge of enterprises on how to align business operations in a sustainable manner within the communities of the partner countries.

Expected project results

  1. developed a new, pedagogical approach to support high quality in schools and VET; coordinating this approach through collaboration and dialogue with key stakeholders;
  2. developed training contents for teachers (entrepreneurship education, intercultural skills, new skills deriving of the need to align business operations in a sustainable manner, key competences) and conducting a short term learning training event for trainers;
  3. established a cooperation, which allows the beneficiaries to experience short work placements at tourism enterprises (in rural areas) within partner countries and developing a framework guideline for allowing the transferability of such approach into different European regions;
  4. enhanced digital integration in learning and training (development of an E- learning for the increase of intercultural competences and development of a new Open Educational Resource- OER;
  5. usage of transparency and recognition tools for the training and involvement of non- formal and informal gained skills in order to foster transparency and visibility (European Skills Pass);
  6. derived of the new training it will be defined which skills (from non- formal and informal learning) can be validated and made visible for the beneficiaries of the project.