Country Holidays
07/01/2018 - 06/30/2020 (NPAD-2018/10114)

Sustainability know-how for SMEs in rural tourism strengthening the link between adult learning and working life in rural SME sector.

Project goals

The specific aim of the project is to develop and disseminate On-line Training „Design of eco-friendly rural tourism services by SMEs” (on-line training tool with an on-line check-list and printable handbook version for reading and reference) which would strengthen the link between adult learning and working life in rural SME sector.

Aims on participant level:

  • access to quick learning and practical learning contents answering present work life needs,
  • opportunity to acquire field specific and practical knowledge in designing a competitive, eco-friendly service,
  • opportunity to improve competitiveness due to better performance in work life.

Aims on organization level:

  • improved capacities to provide adequate adult training to suite work-life needs and assist educators with work-life based training tool and contents.

Aims on sector level:

  • improved competitiveness of rural tourism SMEs sector as part of rural economy in project partner countries. 

Expected project results

The key deliverable product of the project is the On-line training ”Design of eco-friendly rural tourism services by SMEs”.

It consists of 3 parts:

1) On-line training tool on moodle platform.

2) Eco-friendly rural tourism business on-line check-list.

3) Printable handbook for reference.

Results on particpant organisation level:

-The participant organisations will make the On-line Training available to SMEs - members of their organisations and recipients of regular mailing lists:

  • ~2000 recipients in LV,
  • ~200 recipients in EE,
  • ~800 in Norway

SMEs will receive an opportunity to improve their know-how in designing eco-friendly tourism products that are based on rural experiences.

Results on sectoral level:

-trainers and training institutions will receive a reference material to incorporate in their training curricula and training seminar programs.