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The Slitere National Park Tourism guide

The Slitere National Park Tourism guide

  • This is the first traveller’s guide, so comprehensive in its contents and scope, which has ever been published on a national park and a Natura 2000 site in Latvia. 
  • For the first time, such a traveller’s guide in Latvia is based on local stories. More than 30 local residents, people from the administration of the Slītere national park and the Regional council of Dundaga were all involved in creation of this guide.

 In the Slītere Traveller’s guide you will find:

The most significant events and facts on the history of nature and people which are related to the Kurzeme penninsula, the Livonian coast and the Slītere national park;

Worth seeing and knowing,– descriptions of more than 100 natural and cultural heritage sites, especially highlighting the 12 treasures of Slītere;

Touring itineraries – a variety of routes for walking, cycling, boating, bird and animal watching and driving; Annual events – a calendar with time schedule of the regular events, taking place in the Slītere national park;

”Green” and practical advice for every mode of touring the Slītere national park.

Services and facilities – accommodations, food, equipment rentals, banks and other practical information.

The map of the Slītere national park.

Languages: Latvian, English

Price: Free of charge in the office of the Latvian country tourism association.By post upon request, covering the postage costs.

With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Communitys under the project POLPROP-NATURA (LIFE07 ENV/LV/000981)