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Map of Military Heritage

Map of Military Heritage

This map of Latvia’s military heritage is aimed not just at inviting people to go on a unique trip to learn about Lat- via’s military history, but also at offering a single source of information about little known, but very interesting objects about which we have very little evidence.

Military heritage in terms of this map refers to histor- ical outdoor objects such as redoubts, fortresses, certain castles, shoreline defence batteries, bunkers, dugouts, locations of major battles, former military bases, army airfields and bases, as well as museums and collections located in places where history can be studied close up. The map mostly covers military objects from the last few centuries – objects which are related to different military forces and the things that they did.

Many of the destinations are well-appointed, and everal have available guides. There are a few destina- ons which are accessible only in accordance with spe- fic rules. Others are not well-appointed or are closed o visitors. In the latter case (the army base at Skrunda, or instance), it is worth visiting the destinations anyway o as to place them on the list of military heritage objects hat you have seen.

This map includes descriptions of 60 military objects, complete with photographs, including histori- al ones. There is also information about 239 places which offer accommodations. Many of the objects re in NATURA 2000 territories, and some are cultural monuments.